You Sure That's a "J" and Not a "C"?

Headline: “N.J. Warns: Don’t Eat Squirrel Near Dump”

New Jersey? Y’all have dump squirrel hunters in the Garden Scrotum State? I thought that particular pastime was limited to southern states. Or maybe we just don’t eat them.

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9 Responses to You Sure That's a "J" and Not a "C"?

  1. coebooth says:

    When I saw this on the news this afternoon, I almost gagged. It’s gross enough to eat a squirrel, but c’mon, a NEW JERSEY squirrel. For the love of God! Who could possibly be that freakin’ hungry?!?


  2. thunderchikin says:

    The Jersey squirrels are the ones that emit a phosphorous glow, right?


  3. alixwrites says:

    Here in Miami, the squirrels roam free. Who’d want to eat them? Miami squirrels are half the size of northern squirrels. Compared to Miami squirrels, I’m sure Jersey squirrels look right juicy! However, the squirrels in my neighborhood have taken up this annoying hobby of coming down from the trees and running across roads, daring cars to hit them. I have told my daughter she needs too ask her science teacher about what I term the “earthbound squirrel phenomenon,” but I guess she thinks I’m kidding.


  4. thunderchikin says:

    I wonder if that’s an adaptive behavior or an attempt to outrun the fireants.

    I lived in Hollywood as a preschooler. I don’t remember anything in a tree that a squirrel could eat.


  5. alixwrites says:

    Hollywood, California or Florida? Here, there is plenty a squirrel could eat in the trees . . . including but not limited to perfectly good fruit that *people* want to eat.


  6. thunderchikin says:


    Seriously, I just remember coconuts. Imagining a squirrel hauling on of those monnsters off to its nest makes me smile.


  7. keep2dacode says:

    oh my!

    i thought it was only the southerners who ate squirrel and I still find that quite disturbing.

    When my family moved to Kentucky, some guy asked us if we wanted “some ‘a what i’s huntin” and held up a couple of dead creatures. Yeah, they turned out to be squirrels. Scary.

    It was quite an experience for my parents, who were “house hunting” and thought it may be charming to move into the country (we’d moved from Chicago).

    My parents decided not to buy a house way out in the boonies!


  8. thunderchikin says:

    You gotta be *really* hungry to eat a squirrel.


  9. dlgarfinkle says:

    Oh, phew! I found a squirrel near a dump in NJ, but I had the good sense to take it away from the dump before eating it, so I should be safe.


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