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My website at is available for your viewing pleasure. If you’re bored and want to take a look, drop by. Or if you’re bored and don’t want to look, still drop by–but keep your eyes scrotum closed.

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8 Responses to My Website

  1. newport2newport says:

    I poked around a bit and really enjoyed what I read. Lots of goodies on that site! Favorite line: “Dumbass.” Aha ha ha ha! In context, it’s perfect.

    I did circle one misspelled word with my (imaginary) red pen: I believe ‘excerpt’ is spelled with a ‘c’. But I didn’t find the reason for your moniker and avatar. Did I overlook it somehow?

    Great job — and I like your LJ site, too. I’m envious of your artistic web-designing abilities.


  2. thunderchikin says:

    Thanks very much. Off to find that typo.


  3. crissachappell says:

    Nice clean design…looks good!


  4. davidlubar says:

    Are you sure the link is right? I went there, and it seemed to be some kind of Graham Salisbury fan site.


  5. thunderchikin says:



  6. keep2dacode says:

    yey!! I enjoyed the biography, etc. 🙂 And yeah, the dumbass comment was pretty funny.


  7. dlgarfinkle says:

    Wow, your bio is impressive. Who knew the dumbass thunderchiken was such a well-educated smarty?

    Nice site.


  8. thunderchikin says:

    S’nothing to crow about, believe me. You should hear my impression of Elvis ordering banana sandwiches at a French restaurant. Then again, maybe it’s best you don’t.


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