Chat with Us about SANDPIPER! Wednesday, 2/21, 9PM EST

 will be there, too.

“We’re starting something new at ALAN Online. Join the ALAN Book Club and become part of a new online group of readers unlike any other on the whole planet! Here’s how it works. Once a month, the third Wednesday to be precise, at 9 PM Eastern Time, we will meet online in the ALAN Chat area to discuss a particular book. The following Wednesday at 9PM, we will have the pleasure of hosting the author of the novel we discussed for a full-blown Q&A session.

So what do you need to do to join in this fun? First, read the novel on tap for each month. Second, send one question for discussion to the moderator at least the day before the scheduled chat. Third, log in before 9PM to make sure you can solve any technical difficulties. Fourth, join the chat at the appointed time and see what happens!”

You can join the bookchat by clicking here: No password is required for log-in!

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3 Responses to Chat with Us about SANDPIPER! Wednesday, 2/21, 9PM EST

  1. keep2dacode says:
  2. keep2dacode says:

    okay! that was fun! And I loved hearing your war stories. 🙂

    Can’t wait to read “Firestorm” and talk to you guys all again next month!


  3. thunderchikin says:

    Thanks for joining us. I’ll get the transcript posted as soon as I can.


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