If There Were Twins…

…and the parents named one “Hunter,” would they name the other one “Gatherer”?

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7 Responses to If There Were Twins…

  1. dlgarfinkle says:

    Or Hunted.

    Or Vegan.


  2. marypearson says:

    the other would definitely be named BRODY. See . . .

    Brody and Hunter


  3. christine444 says:

    Scarlett Johannsen’s (sp?) twin brother is named Hunter…


  4. thunderchikin says:



  5. davidlubar says:

    If they were really cool, they’d name him Thompson.


  6. thunderchikin says:

    And he would look like this.


  7. notjazz says:

    My very own son and his wife named their first born Hunter and the second Chase. I was a GOOD grandmother and didn’t even say a word. But I cringe when I have to say them together. Greg Leitch told me he was going to write a book with twins name Chase and Manhatan when I told them about the names. But they are adorable boys, of course, of course.


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