Dear Genius(es)

Tonight, I finished reading the letters of legendary editor Ursula Nordstrom.  Probably, I’m the last to read this book, because I’ve heard how amazing it is for years.  It amazed me anyway.  As a reader, as a scholar, as a reviewer, and as a writer, I learned so much about the evolution of children’s publishing in the US and the way that an editor can shape the vision of a book, an author, her publishing house, or an entire industry.

If you haven’t red this book, you have homework.

Go. Read. Be amazed.

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5 Responses to Dear Genius(es)

  1. dlgarfinkle says:

    I love that book!


  2. halseanderson says:

    You crack me up with your “mush” comments.

    I loved the Nordstrom book. You post makes me want to reread it when I get home. I wish Marcus would write a book about how SCBWI has impacted the last 25 years of children’s publishing.


  3. professornana says:

    I wrote a chapter for a book edited by my friend and colleague Linda Pavonetti. She sent me that terse note about the ending of the chapter. Wince! She was correct, of course.

    I adore this book. How brilliant was this woman?



  4. thunderchikin says:

    If she was one half as brilliant in person as she is in her letters, she must’ve been a force of nature. Who do we know in publishing that knew her personally?

    I was delighted to find that my favorite children’s books of all time, Where the Wild Things Are (for me to read) and Goodnight Moon (for me to read to my children) were cultivated by her.


  5. thunderchikin says:

    That would be a dandy collection of anecdotes and correspondences.


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