Will You Still Read Me When I’m 64?

Warning: Gratuitous horn-tooting ahead. 

After several days of ruminating, I decided to out myself. I  entered the hook for my latest WIP. Soul Taco, to the

 contest, figuring I’d see what genre writers had to say about the premise.  This will be the last time I send this one out before submitting. It’s almost ready to go.


I wasn’t surprised the author who reviewed my hook didn’t go for it.  Taste in stories is like taste in onions–some people like them, some people have taste buds.  What I was surprised by were the comments from readers who enjoyed the hook:

“Personally, I think Hook 64 is the strongest out of this lot…”

“Hook 64 is pretty damn good. Come on…Soul Taco. I love anything that’ll force me to spit take diet coke out my nose.”

” I will buy Soul Taco. I’m not just offering that, it’s a prediction. There will be a day when I walk into B&N, see it, grab it, and give them my money before taking it home and enjoying the hell out of it.”

“If my agent is lurking: TAKE ANOTHER PEEK AT 64!”

The responses took away the little sting of the judge’s comments and replaced them with a warm glow.  As I told my critique group, affirmation is better than drugs, especially when involves readers who spit up Diet Coke. 

Here’s the link to the whole thread.

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8 Responses to Will You Still Read Me When I’m 64?

  1. newport2newport says:

    That’s fantastic! And what good timing, eh? Right before you start submitting?!

    I hope that agent is/was lurking!


  2. dlgarfinkle says:

    That’s gratifying! Good luck with it.

    Just out of curiosity, what drugs were you on when you wrote it?


  3. kellyrfineman says:

    Nicely done — and with all the gloom in the world, a bit of gratuitous horn-tooting is just the thing.


  4. thunderchikin says:

    My drug of choice: Sun Drop.


  5. jmprince says:

    I’m thrilled for you.
    Can’t wait to delve into Soul Taco


  6. jennifer_d_g says:

    When your fellow writers compliment your work so highly, that is definitely something to toot your horn about! I dream of someday making someone spew diet coke!


  7. marypearson says:

    wonderful hook–sounds like it offers a great balance of wry humor and drama. Love the title too.


  8. thunderchikin says:

    I should ask her to take pictures of her keyboard, don’t you think?


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