Right Behind You

Wow, it’s been two week since I posted.  Time flies when you’re overwhelmed. 

For awhile, I’ve been meaning to blog about Gail

Giles’ latest, RIGHT BEHIND YOU, the dark story of a firebug who is arrested for setting his neighbor on fire.  After spending most of his life in an institution, Kip is finally released.  He, his father, and new step-mother leave Alaska for a new home in the lower 48.  Kip gets a new life–and a new name, Wade, which he takes as a way of describing his struggles with life.  It isn’t easy being a murderer, especially when the reason that Kip committed murder is buried deep with him, and Kip finds himself unable to forever hide his secret.

When you read a novel by Gail Giles, you know going in that the voice is going to be strong.  RIGHT BEHIND YOU is no different.  Giles sweeps your right into the story, right into Kip’s point-of-view.  It is not a nice place to be, and to be honest, after the first few scenes, I almost put the book down.  Kip’s story is so compelling, though, that I was obliged to keep reading.  Boy, am I glad that I did.

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5 Responses to Right Behind You

  1. notjazz says:

    I have to admit, writing those first few scenes was not a nice place to be either. Grit teeth, write scene, loosen jaw and breathe. Go play with dog, eat cookie, maybe even, oh no, clean something. Then go back, sit down and grit teeth again. The dark scenes don’t come easy. Now, the smart alecky remarks. . .

    Thanks for reading.

    Gail Giles


  2. alixwrites says:

    Ooh, sounds good. I’ve got an 11-year-old firebug down the street, so maybe I should pick up a copy.


  3. thunderchikin says:

    Don’t play catch with him!


  4. professornana says:

    what a surprise to see we are of like minds on this one. it is chilling and riveting and all the things we need to entice reluctant readers inside the covers.



  5. keep2dacode says:

    wow, I was glad to see you mention this one. I JUST finished it today after getting it on Monday.

    I thought the story was GREAT…thanks to the blurb on the back and the cover, I have a few students begging to read it already. 🙂


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