Kyoto–Japanese for Big Blisters

Whew!  What a day!  My dogs are dog-tired, dog.  This rest is under the cut.

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We took the JR (Japan Railway) train from Osaka station to Kyoto.


We grabbed the non-express, so the students got to see twelve smaller stations along the route, along with hundreds of small rice fields.

Many Japanese grown their own rice, much the way we grow tomatoes or a small garden back home.  The fields are flooded for planting; harvesting is done in Fall when the stalks are high and water has drained.  The stalk is used to weave tatami mats for flooring coverings.

In Kyoto, we did the temple run, eschewing the most famous of the temples, the Golden Temple.  Instead, we visited the Silver Temple,

which as built by a shogun who fell from power before he could finish having it covered–thus, no silver on the silver temple.  Next, we visited Heianjingu shrine. 

And its beautiful gardens.

Then finished up with Kiyomizudera (Pure Water Temple}.  The weather was surprisingly mild, and the rains held off.

Here are a couple of random shots:

Our hotel…


Our hotel bathroom (always the most popular photo)


Tomorrow: A train ride to Hiroshima for a two-day stay


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3 Responses to Kyoto–Japanese for Big Blisters

  1. jmprince says:

    Your dogs are dog tired, dog? LOL.
    I adore you!

    Your LJ cut didn’t work, just fyi. šŸ˜‰

    That looks absolutely amazing. What a hotel!
    Wish I was there. Wait, aren’t you supposed to say that to ME?

    I leave for boring old work now…but a little more educated. Thanks!


  2. jennifer_d_g says:

    You’ve awakened the travel bug in me. Or should I say travel dog?

    Man, I want to go to Japan!


  3. kellyrfineman says:

    Awesome photos, even if the bathroom looks like something that belongs on the train, and not in a hotel room!

    Those temples are beatiful.


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