Today’s  pictures are from the trip to Hiroshima, Myajima, and Iwankuni.  They’re under the cut, and they are big.

This is the Kintai Bridge, built by a samurai lord, Yoshikawa Hiroyoshi, in 1673.  It was washed out by a typhoon in 1953 but was rebuilt.  It’s high arcs and wooden structure remind me of the spine of a Chinese dragon.  There are beautiful gardens, a castle, and a samurai museum on the other side.  I visited them last year but not this year due to time.

This is a deer.  They eat your clothes and poop everywhere. I knew Bambi, and these deer are no Bambi.

This is Myajimaguchi, the mouth of Myajima, where the ferry launches to the sacred island. (more photos of the island later)

The Hon-dori, the outdoor covered shopping area in Hiroshima, home to many shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants. The most famous restaurant is Anderson’s, which was opened by European emigrants.  Go figger.

The photo is sideways, not the street.

Peace Park

This is the A-bomb dome surrounded by roses.

This is the cenotaph at the Peace Park, a monument  to those who died in the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. There is a reflecting pond behind it, and framed in the middle is the A-Bomb dome.  U2 fans will recognize it from the cover of the Unforgetable Fire album. There is a river separating the Peace Park and the Dome.  The school children I mentioned last post were on this side of the back, right in line with the cenotaph and dome.