Fuji, Baby

This is a one in a million shot by my adopted sister, Denise, but I only had to pay 10 dollars.

She took it from the window of the Shinkansen train as we traveled to Tokyo for a day trip yesterday.  Normally, Fuji is masked by clouds during the summer, so this was a rare sighting.  The Japanese on the train were oooing and ahhing as much as the gaijen.

Fuji in the mist

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4 Responses to Fuji, Baby

  1. thunderchikin says:

    (Denise is not really my sister)


  2. kellyrfineman says:



  3. jmprince says:

    I’m ooing and ahing from here.
    Picture a long, wistful sigh. That’s me.


  4. dumpyrain says:

    I can’t even believe the beauty! Amazing.


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