Tokyo–Japanese for Too Damn Many People

Seems like everybody wants to say they’ve been to Tokyo.  Sort of like everybody wants to see Rock City or get run over by a speeding bus.  It just so happens that Tokyo–which wants to be NYC so much, its become LA–is a mix of both.  The crew took the Shinkansen up the coast to the capital city and took a boat excursion up the Sumida River, where we saw some lovely bridge and the world’s largest golden cheeto.  After an a hour of fighting the crowds at a nearby shopping district, it was back on the subway and retracing our steps to Osaka.

This Odaiba. The river is real. The island is man-made.

A suspension bridge. I’ll tell you what it’s name is later.

Cheesy.  Seriously.


So easy to ride, even a caveman can do it.

The infamous Japanese toilet, techno flush.

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2 Responses to Tokyo–Japanese for Too Damn Many People

  1. jmprince says:

    Ah, the obligatory bathroom shot. Cool.
    I can’t wait to learn the name of the suspension bridge.
    Don’t leave me in suspense too long (bad pun intended).


  2. dumpyrain says:

    So did you try to eat the cheeto?


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