Wrong Answer! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

You’re Davidson College!
You love your mama, Jesus, and America too. But rather than
finding yourself in free-fall, you’ve been on the rise lately, as people
have flocked to see you. Of all the wars that have been fought, you felt
the Revolutionary War was most justified. Cherish is a word you use to
describe all the feelings you have deep inside. If you were a book, it
would be Charlotte’s Web.

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3 Responses to Wrong Answer! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

  1. jmprince says:

    Oh, now see, I think that sounds EXACTLY like you, D!


  2. amanda_marrone says:

    I LOVE your icon!


  3. professornana says:

    well, you could aways be Templeton in Charlotte’s Web. But really, that second line could be a good omen. hope you are recovering from the overeas trip and catching up.



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