Stop Me Before I Write Again

Checklist before starting next novel:

POV Character?  Check
Sidekick?  Check
Villain? Check
Quirky secondary characters? Check
Plot outline?  Check
Story Beat Sheet? Check
Voice?  Check
Premise?  Check
Stakes?  Check

Hmm.  What else am I missing?

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8 Responses to Stop Me Before I Write Again

  1. mandywriter says:

    Conflict? Or is that part of characters/ plot?


  2. thunderchikin says:

    It’s in the beat sheet, but it deserves it’s own slot.

    Conflict? check.


  3. kellyrfineman says:

    Coffee/tea/beverage of choice and writing implements seem to be all that you’re missing from that list.


  4. jbknowles says:

    If it were me?

    A cup of tea and plenty of chocolate.

    Have fun!



  5. dlgarfinkle says:


    What’s a story beat sheet? How does it differ from an outline?


  6. laurenem6 says:

    Yes, what is it?

    And PS, how do you set up your character maps (if you do them). I’m asking because I’m about to start a more character driven than plot driven novel and I’ve never done it before.


  7. thunderchikin says:

    Setting? sort of check. Its not integrated enough in the plot

    A beat sheet is something I borrowed from writing screenplays and David Lubar. It lists all of the scenes in detail, including characters, setting, motivations, stakes, dramatic questions, and outcomes.


  8. dumpyrain says:

    I’m not even slightly worried about anything you write. It will be perfect.


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