An Open Note to the Bigheads on child_lit listerv

Despite your keening whine that J.K. Rowling is a derivative, unimaginative, bloated, xenophobic writer, when you and I are dead and buried, millions will still be reading the Harry Potter books.  Keep that in mind, will you?

PS.  Does anyone know a recipe for making wine out of sour grapes?

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5 Responses to An Open Note to the Bigheads on child_lit listerv

  1. jmprince says:

    Preach on, brother!


  2. jbknowles says:

    Squeeze out the juice into a big bottle, add some sugar, stick a cork in it, put it away in a cool, dark place and leave it alone.

    Eventually, it’ll come around.


  3. kellyrfineman says:

    I guess you saw Stephen King’s rant as well? Or did you arrive at bigheads on your own?


  4. thunderchikin says:

    Yep, I appropriated the term. It was less graphic than the one I was thinking of.


  5. kellyrfineman says:

    blowhards? windbags? Nope — those still aren’t graphic. I’m guessing your term involved something a scatological term, though.


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