Kid Logic

When our youngest had a cold last week, she sneezed uncovered.  I told her, always cover a sneeze so you wouldn’t give another person your cold. Oddly, she continued to sneeze uncovered, and when I came down with the same awful cold this week, she was delighted.  Last night, as I sneezed (I cover, btw) and sniffled my way through bedtime hell, she gave me some advice.  “You have a bad cold, Daddy.  Give it to someone else like I did, and you’ll be all better.”

You’re thinking, awww, how cute.  She’s a teenager. It ain’t cute.

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3 Responses to Kid Logic

  1. kellyrfineman says:

    Her name’s not Mary, is it?


  2. jbknowles says:


    This morning my son’s teacher had written this on the message board:

    Good morning, wonderful students! Somebody gave me their cold yesterday and I would like to return it.



  3. newport2newport says:

    I see a metaphor in that wadded-up pile of Kleenex.

    Get well soon!


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