Childrens Do Learn

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5 Responses to Childrens Do Learn

  1. jennifer_d_g says:

    Yep, them do learn real good.



  2. kellyrfineman says:

    Saw that footage on the Daily Show.

    Stewart’s follow up was priceless.


  3. professornana says:

    I loved Jon Stewart’s take on this one from his show last week. He is making it way too easy for us to poke fun. And to top it all off, his daughter has wrote herself a book. Sheesh!


  4. davidlubar says:

    This is actually a rare case where Bush’s grammar is fine. He is speaking about Hugo and Maurice Childrens, the cojoined twins he is planning to nominate for Secretary of Educations.


  5. jmprince says:

    insert heavy, world-weary sigh here.


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