The Countdown Begins

The “Best YA Show on Earth” is about to begin! Two weeks and counting to the 2007 ALAN Workshop in NYC, which will be held Monday-Tuesday, Nov. 19-20 at the New York Marriott Marquis Times Square, Westside Ballroom.  To view the program, which is in pdf format, click here.



 , and

 , y’all packed yet?


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5 Responses to The Countdown Begins

  1. jbknowles says:


    I can’t wait!!



  2. amanda_marrone says:

    Wow!! That’s a great line up–hmmm.


  3. kellyrfineman says:

    Man, do I wish I could attend ALAN. I’ve got no pretext under which to do it, being unpublished as I am and not in publishing or library work.

    Congrats on your upcoming presidency!


  4. dlgarfinkle says:

    Well, first I have to go to a bar mitzvah in Fresno.

    I think I’m going to have a much better time in Manhattan!



  5. halseanderson says:

    Everything is in the washing machine – suitcase packing commences as soon as the dryer dings!


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