ALAN in Review

Other folks did a fantastic job of blogging ALAN/NCTE (yep, we’re now more important than in NCTE in my world), among them 


.  (If I missed anyone, I’ll edit this post.)  How they could take phots and update their blogs, I have no idea, and my hats are off to them (both the ballcap and the crab hat). For me, the five days were a blur, and any memories I have are useless, so I’ll let the participants tell you what they saw and heard and loved.

You might notice that I’ve changed my journal title from “President-Elect” to “President.”  A year from last night, I’ll be in San Antonio drinking a cold one and toasting the end of the 2008 workshop (probably toasting to myself, as everybody has to hit the door flying to make flights).  In the interim, however, there is work to be done. The ALAN President is in charge of the whole workshop, from creating panels, to selecting the breakout sessions , to choosing the room layout, to securing AV, to designing the program cover.  It will be hectic, fun, taxing, bedlam, and there will be hundreds of emails flying back and forth.  I’m looking forward to it, and more importantly, I’m looking forward to see YOU there.  Yes, you.

ALAN 2008 will be in San Antonio.  The theme of the workshop is “Negotiations & Love Songs: The Literature of Young Adults.”  The form for submitting a proposal for a breakout session is available here.  Anyone can submit a proposal, and if you’re wondering, ‘hey, what a terrific workshop, how can I become a part of it?’ this is the best route to take. 

One caveat, though.  The theme was written to inspire thought, not to to encourage a slavish dedication to one idea.  There are many, many places you smart people can take this theme. We want to go there with you.

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11 Responses to ALAN in Review

  1. marypearson says:

    Congratz, Pres! And I really want to see the crab hat. Didn’t anyone take a photo??


  2. kellyrfineman says:

    I love the song Negotiations and Love Songs – great idea for a theme!


  3. davidlubar says:

    Well deserved. The show is in good hands. Even the hat was nice, though ever since you pulled it out, I’ve been itching in places I’d rather not mention. I’m sure San Antonio is going to rock.

    Seriously (just this once), it was great to get to hang out with you for a bit.


  4. thunderchikin says:

    I’ve heard rumors of a photo but haven’t seen one.


  5. thunderchikin says:

    You, too, seriously.


  6. jbknowles says:

    It was great to meet you!!

    That hat was perfect. 🙂

    Best of luck this year!


  7. thunderchikin says:

    Great to meet you, as well. You were terrific, and I’m glad I got to see your debut, and next time, let’s get you to meet everyone you’d like to.


  8. keep2dacode says:

    ooooh! congrats mr. president! 🙂

    now i have to see if i can make it to Texas next year since i didn’t go to NYC this time. 😦 boooooo. i will be keeping my fingers crossed!!!


  9. dlgarfinkle says:

    Congratulations, Prez!

    It was great meeting you live, though you’ve changed a bit from the high school picture you sent me.


  10. thunderchikin says:

    I didn’t really change–I just inverted.


  11. jmprince says:

    I’m humming hail to the chief in honor of you right now. 🙂
    I’ve heard nothing but positive things about ALAN/NCTE from every corner. I hope to make it someday!
    Congratulations and good luck!!!


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