A Thank You and A Call for Readers

Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed about my last post on page-turners.  The suggestions have helped, and I’m working my way through the text, throwing out chapters and rearranging others.  It’s a slog, as most of you know, being master sloggers yourselves.

I do have one request, and I admit that I make it hesitantly.  My readers have seen several drafts of Taco. I would feel guilty asking them to have another go at it. Plus, I’d really like to have fresh eyes tell me what is on the pages instead of I *think* is in the pages. I’m hesitant to ask because I hate to impose.  With a blog though, at least I’m not putting a person on the spot (btw, I accept critiques easily, almost greedily).

So, if you would be interested in reading a 60k upper YA novel, please let me know.

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2 Responses to A Thank You and A Call for Readers

  1. laurenem6 says:

    But we like reading it! But fine, if you’re not going to let us see it again, at least you have to tell us what you’ve changed.


  2. thunderchikin says:

    Aw, you make me sound like a meanie. Surely, you guys are sick of her by now?


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