The Whole Enchilada

Y’know those stories writers tell about how the title got changed a couple of months into editing?  Not me, boy. Mine got changed before editing even started.  As a couple of male editors at HarperCollins pointed out, it seems that  ‘soul taco’ is slang for well, you can look up all the different prejorative references to soul taco and taco on the Urban Dictionary. Who knew? It’s even more proof that I’m very not hip.

So, a change is in order.  The novel will now be titled SOUL ENCHILADA, pun very much intended.

Stay tuned.

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17 Responses to The Whole Enchilada

  1. seaheidi says:

    I like teh SOUL ENCHILADA–very funny. Wow, they changed it quick. Good catch though, if the other meant something other than what you intended. =)


  2. tamarak says:


    This is also a reminder for me never to use the words SOUL TACO together in casual conversation.


  3. marypearson says:

    Love it!

    (and more of these —->!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  4. thunderchikin says:

    As much Family Guy as I watch, you’d think I would’ve heard the phrase.


  5. professornana says:

    I like the new title and can think of lots of ways we can have fun with it, especially in San Antonio. I think this calls for dinner out, si?



  6. newport2newport says:

    I wondered about that.

    I like the new title very much.


  7. thunderchikin says:

    Si, es verdad.


  8. thunderchikin says:



  9. thunderchikin says:



  10. dlgarfinkle says:

    I never knew either.

    Soul Enchilada is good too.

    I’m getting hungry.


  11. jmprince says:

    I totally love it. I didn’t know it was possible to like the title even more, but I DO! Truly!


  12. jennifer_d_g says:

    I’ve been hoping you’d write in a Korean character and make it Seoul Taco. Seoul Enchilada isn’t too bad either though.


  13. thunderchikin says:

    Bwahaha! Hope David Lubar doesn’t read this.


  14. jennifer_d_g says:

    I know** and adore David Lubar. Why do you hope he doesn’t read this?

    ** I know him in the book-lical sense, not in the Biblical sense. Just saying, so there’s no confusion…


  15. thunderchikin says:

    It should read “I hope he doesn’t read this,” because we’re giving him all this ammo for puns!


  16. jennifer_d_g says:

    Oh, he’s a pun man. Gotcha.


  17. thunderchikin says:

    Pun Man, Seoul Man, A Man for All Teasin’s…


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