For the past ten years, I’ve lived in your typical suburban, 3/2 brick ranch neighborhood. It has everything you could want for a family: Good schools, nice roads, pleasant landscaping, and even a golf course in the middle of it. The lawns are manicured, the azaleas neatly trimmed, and the children are all above average.

My neighbors and I have carbon footprints the size of an overgrown Sasquatch.

I want to live some place else.

I want to live differently.

I want to live in a shipping container home.


They are made of steel. They are bug-proof, low maintenance, and easily to assembly. They are also highly hurricane resistant, a huge bonus for where I live.  They are also relatively cheap, and the port a few miles from my little brick neighborhood has thousands of them on hand. Did I mention that they are the ultimate recyclable home?  combine it with a no-maintenance yard away from the city, and my carbon footprint shrinks to a least a size 10.5 Teva recycled rubber shoe.

Here are some examples of shipping container homes:

Yes, Shipping Container is the life for me. Now, all I have to do is convince my wife.