The amazingly gracious Cynthea Liu has a new feature on her website,, that she calls “Authors on the Verge.” The goal of the feature is to introduce readers to authors who are, you know, on the verge of their careers. Recent authors include Cyn Balog, Nancy Viau, and Gayle C. Krause.

And now, me!

Please stop by Cynthea’s site, not only to read what really odd, erm, interesting things I said about Soul Enchilada and myself, but also to learn about other new authors, as well as take a tour around the content-rich site. If you’re interested in writing for teens and children, Cynthea’s is the place to be.

Here’s the link. Go. Go now. Shoo.  Shoo.

Leave a comment there, too, if you dare. Or if you’re not, like, in a big hurry or something.