1. Thanks to a kind friend who ended up with two ARCs and sent one of them to me, I’m giving away a signed ARC of Black Hole Sun on Goodreads. There are only 5 days left to enter. Here’s a link to the contest: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/4730-black-hole-sun

2. Summer has settled in for a long, hot July in which I find myself spending more time chasing down the elusive cause of the evil check engine on our Honda van than spending time writing the next novel. I’m this makes my editor very happy. Maybe I shouldn’t share this info with her.

3. Later this moth, I’ll be taping a podcast for HarperTeen. I’ve never recorded messages for the Pod People before, but it’ll fun to converse with an alien race. Also, it’s time to make the book trailer for Black Hole Sun. Someone take care of that for me, will ya?

4. The Older Locust has finished the galley of THE IVY, which I picked up at ALA. She gives it a hearty “thumbs up.”

5. After spending a year trying to convince myself that it’s a great idea that I just don’t have time for, I’ve taken the baby steps of creating an online community for YA readers and writers. Details to come.