For months, I’ve been posting the evolving covers of Black Hole Sun. We started out with a few ideas, one of which I especially adored. Set against a speckled red background, it featured the silhouette of a soldier carrying another. The 800 pound gorilla of book buying (AKA Barnes and Noble) didn’t share my love for the cover, so it was changed to somehting like the current version, with the words Black Hole Sun as the only graphics. There was a tagline at the bottom “The End of the World As You Know It.”  However, when the Suzanne Collins blurb came in (remind me to tell you that story one day–it was a complete surprise to me), the tagline was replaced by a line from the blurb. The whole of her quote was placed on the back, along with with starred review from Booklist.

However, the good folks at Greenwillow weren’t done. At ALA, executive editor, Steve Geck, shared a jacket with the title debossed, meaning that the letters are recessed below the surfaced.  It was a blast sharing it during the YALSA coffee klatch.  The librarians enjoyed running their hands over it. Annnnnd we’re still not done. Today, I received the final final version of the jacket. Along with the debossed letters, the cover is coated so that light bounces off of the surface, looking like a prism is shining on it. Holy holographic! Way too cool!  Here’s a photo, although honestly, it doesn’t do the cover justice.