Star Wars no. 1

After more than 20 years, the force is with Marvel once again.Disney announced Friday that two of its subsidiaries — Lucasfilm and Marvel Entertainment — are working together on a series of new Star Wars comic books. The brand’s first comics were originally published by Marvel in the ’70s, back before both companies had been acquired by Disney. In 1991, the license for the comics was purchased by Dark Horse, which has published the titles ever since. Now the rights have returned to Marvel, which plans to release its first new-new Star Wars comics and graphic novels in 2015. More.

Once upon a time, I owned this issue. I was a rabid Star Wars fan and bought everything Star Wars I could find. I don’t remember much about the adaptation, except that it followed the script fairly closely. I do remember the cover, and I wondered why the colorist chose green for Vader’s helmet. I could see using blue as an accent color to create contrast, but green?

Anyway, now that Disney owns rights to comics and films, expect to see some close tie-ins for the franchise. I wonder if they will issue a reprint of the original in all of its dot-pirinted glory.