I don’t know what your politics, religion, or stance on life is. However, I’m impressed with your quote about how writing a letter to you probably made the parent feel better but your response wouldn’t make anyone feel better. I’m going to tuck that away and hang on to it for future use. I’m also going to now check out your books. :)


I’m a pagan. My belief is that we should respect other views that aren’t ours—and as long as no one tries to impose their views on me, I’m fine with them.

In cases where women’s rights are being limited by ultra-conservatives, I object.

In cases where gay rights are being thwarted or limited, I object. 

In cases where religion is brought into the classroom or office or courthouse, I object. 

If those same folks want to believe what they do, I do NOT object. I don’t agree, but they are entitled to their beliefs… as am I.  It’s only when people start trying to legislate based on their faith that I think we have a problem. 

The US is a nation that claims religious freedom. We are, in part, founded by those seeking freedom of faith. So when ANY religion’s beliefs— including my own faith— start being the basis for laws I will argue that we should object. 

Um, I also believe that if we all took time to sit down with those of other faiths or political stances we might be better able to avoid the hostility & attempts to legislate based on fear or faith.   

… which is why I’m very open about my faith (pagan), politics (liberal but believe in the benefit of military might too), and sexual orientation (bisexual), and … oh, most things, actually. It’s much harder to say “all of those ____ people are awful” when you know someone in that category  🙂

PS Your note made me smile.  I’m sure I fail often at being a decent human (& my temper is downright wretched), but I work hard at it.  It means a lot when someone says I’m not failing 🙂  Thank you.

Rebloggling due to wisdom.

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