Since December, I’ve written over 300,000 words. I’ve kept a running total on Twitter, and I get asked quite a bit what’s become of the novels I’ve finished.

Two of them, both YA books, are on my editor’s desk at HarperCollins.

The third, called Tin City Tinder, is a mystery novel for adults, the first in a new series. For reasons that I explained here, I decided not to go with a traditional publisher for my new series and have instead decided to publish it on Amazon as a ebook. 

While I was at it, I compiled some of my short stories into a collection called Broken Circles and Other Stories, which include many of the stories that started my writing career, plus a couple that I haven’t published until now.

Here’s the info for the books. Hope you enjoy them!


A Boone Childress Mystery

A farmhouse explodes in the middle of the night. The town drunk finds a burned finger on his front porch.

An elderly woman is left to burn in an abandoned building.

A serial arsonist hides in plain site, plying his fiery trade in the dead of night. Who will his next victim be?

Boone Childress is a former Navy intelligence operator, a hero turned firefighter who returned home to the North Carolina mountains to pursue a career in forensic investigation, but when a series of arsons points to murder and greed, he finds himself stymied by a corrupt law officer and tight-knit southern society. Everybody, it seems, has a secret to hide.

A hero doesn’t need medals to prove what he’s made of. Just the chance to do what’s right.

Tin City Tinder is the first novel in the Boone Childress Mysteries, a new adult crime series by award-winning author David Macinnis Gill



A short story collection

A dying folk singer is visited by the ghost of Woody Guthrie.
An artist returns to the mountains where he grew up to bury his mother.
A young man tires to bury his ghosts at a race track and to his horror, realizes that he can’t lose.
A woman returns home to help her father die and finds herself instead.

Full of outrageous personalities and a subtle sense of honor and family, this collection of darkly humorous short stories by award-winning author David Macinnis Gill reveal the tragic absurdity of small town southern life.


  • Broken Circles, reprinted from The Crescent Review
  • Cut Bait
  • Eating Dirt
  • Going for Broke
  • Gossamer Steel**
  • A Pale Heart
  • Peoples’ Song, reprinted from Writers Forum
  • The Scent of Apples

**Bonus story only available in this collection