Brandi Smits, writing on YALSA’s Hub has given a very nice mention to Bug and Soul Enchilada:

Dean Winchester –  I figured I had to start with Dean.  Sam is going to be a bit easier as he was actually picked up a book that was not part of the “Supernatural” seriessoul enchilada written by the prophet, Chuck Shurley.  Dean is a simple guy with three main interests: girls, his Impala, and pie.  If there was ever a book for Dean Winchester, it would definitely be Soul Enchilada by David Macinnis Gill.  In this book, a girl called Bug discovers that her soul and her car are about to be impounded to Hell thanks to a deal her grandfather made with the devil.  Bug is given a chance to get out of the deal so that both her soul and her ride remain topside.  Now there is something Dean can get behind.  A car and its owner together forever, even in Hell.