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Something there is that doesn’t love a cat…

The Book Wars

Hate That Cat is a middle grade verse novel by Sharon Creech, and a sequel to Love That Dog. Jack is one grade older and has the same teacher as last year, Miss Stretchberry, who loves poetry. The story is written as Jack’s workbook exercises for Miss Stretchberry, and runs in many ways as a conversation of which we read one part. Jack responds to Miss Stretchberry’s comments and experiments (sometimes reluctantly) with new forms and new ideas.

Jack is struggling with grief: his dog, Sky (as in, Love That Dog) is dead; and with anger at a large black neighbourhood cat (*cough* Hate That Cat) who had clawed Jack during a misguided rescue attempt, and now hisses malevolently when Jack passes by.

Sharon Creech Books

This is a story about poetry. I nearly began making a list of all the poets and poems mentioned; there is a good number of them, both dead…

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