Nightmare Productions: 10 Times a Movie Was Taken Away from the Director & Finished By the Studio

We Minored in Film

For months, Fox’s publicity department had been running constant damage control on its disastrous Fantastic Four reboot. Josh Trank wasn’t a young director so spectacularly in over his head he’d had the film taken away from him and finished by Simon Kinberg and several of the other producers! Oh sure, the production had hit some bumps in the road, but nothing out of the ordinary for a big movie like this. Everyone in the media was just conspiring against Trank, twisting truths and half-truths into insane allegations because how dare a young, white kid like that get a big budget movie after having only made one small film (Chronicle). Once this new Fantastic Four arrived, though, everyone would get to see the product of what had been a healthy partnership between Trank, Kinberg and the studio. Good or bad, this was the film they all wanted to make.

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