Fatima and the Dream Thief by Rafik Schami, Els Cools (Illustrator), Oliver Streich (Illustrator)

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Hardcover, 32 pages
Published December 1st 1996 by NorthSouth
Source: Library

Fatima and the Dream Thief is about a poor family whose oldest son, Hasan, sets out to earn some money so that he, his mother, and sister will not starve. He works for a week for a rich man who states that as long as Hasan doesn’t lose his temper the entire week, he can have a gold piece on Sunday and return to his family. However, this rich man does everything he can to provoke Hasan into losing his temper on Sunday and though Hasan tries his best to remain unaffected, he finally cannot help himself and does give in to anger. The rich man does not just withhold Hasan’s pay, he also steals Hasan’s dreams. Hasan returns home without money or hope. His sister, Fatima, who is described as being intrepid and more exuberant, decides that it…

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