Oregon, My Oregon: 10 Fantastic YA Books Set or Written in the Beaver State by Wendy Gassaway

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I love how reading takes you places you’ve never been.  But I also love reading something that I connect to.  One way to connect is by reading a book set in your area, or even a book written by a local author.  My students feel the same way.  Here are ten books that make me proud to be an Oregonian–and that I love to hand to students.

the river why

1. The River Why by David James Duncan

One of my forever favorite books, this is a coming of age story.  The beginning is hilarious, and then Duncan guides you into deeper and deeper reflection on faith, family, and the environment.  The River Why  focuses a lot on fishing, but I love the book despite my complete lack of interest in that activity.  Set  in the 1970s, most of the action takes place in the rainy Coastal Range, with a cameo…

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