Confessions of a Dedicated Writer by David Lubar

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sophomores and other oxymoronsI suffer from a debilitating genetic condition. I am sprung from a people who traditionally slather themselves in worry and guilt with the vigor of beachgoers applying sunscreen. I agonize over any act of mine that might cause the slightest inconvenience to another human being. For example, when I park on an empty street, I worry that I haven’t left the optimal space in front and behind for everyone else who might park there later. This trait recently saddled me with a dilemma: I wanted to dedicate a book to a fellow writer friend, but I didn’t want him to feel any obligation to reciprocate. The book, Sophomores and Other Oxymorons, is a sequel to my 2005 novel, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. (The fact that scads of incoming freshmen are forced to read this book every summer has also caused me to feel a bit of guilt. And glee.)…

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