Sir Cumference and the First Round Table

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I don’t like math, generally speaking. Multiplication, cool, fractions involved in cooking, no problem, quadratic equations, kinda fun. But graphing? Geometry? *shudder*

Which makes it kinda odd that I liked Sir Cumference and the First Round Table: A Math Adventure (by Cindy Neuschwander; illustrated by Wayne Geehan) so much as a child. I mean, the whole story is… well, a backstory set in King Arthur’s court for certain geometrical terms: circumference (get it?), diameter, radius.


But you know, it’s a pretty fun story. The basic premise is that war seems imminent, and King Arthur needs the counsel of his knights. However, the physical properties of the table around which they meet cause problems.

“Oooh,” [Sir Cumference] groaned, “my throat hurts. I have to shout to be heard at the other end of that long rectangular table. Everyone has to. The King is very upset.”

“Why don’t you fix the table?” suggested…

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