Writing Process: How A One-Page Throwaway Gag Became A 12-Page Supporting Character.

Hey, weird for me to do a process post on writing, but this is a case where reader feedback helped me see some opportunities for my characters, so I thought it’d be fun to share. First of all, here’s some panels from page 30 of Untold Tales of Bigfoot.
UTOB page 30When this posted, I introduced this nameless, one-off squirrel character who startles Scout. His appearance lasted only four panels. A quick gag and he’s out. That’s all I needed him for.
UTOB page 30But I got a flood of comments and emails from readers telling me how much they enjoyed the squirrel and they wanted him back. Well, you’re outta’ luck, I thought, because he ain’t comin’ back! I had the whole story outlined in my head and, frankly, the squirrel was done.

UTOB SquirrelBut it stuck in the back of my brain for months. And every once in a while…

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