Reading Through My Book Gap: Maybe I Do Like Books With Animal Characters by Jillian Heise

Nerdy Book Club

We all have them. Those areas in our reading lives that we avoid. Those elements in a book that make us cringe away. Those “book gaps” we discover when we look at trends in our reading. A feeling, as one of my 8th graders once said, “That’s just not my genre.” For some people is historical fiction, for some it’s books with maps in the front, for others it might be unpronounceable character names, for yet others it may be romance books. Well, my (previously) declared type of books I stayed away from was books with animals as characters.  

I’m not sure why. I mean, I loved Charlotte’s Web as a child. I fell in love with Ivan, Stella, Ruby, and Bob along with everyone else, and have often said The One and Only Ivan is the book I think every human should read. But I still clung to…

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