C. Alexander London Shares the Illustrations from The Wild Ones

Nerdy Book Club

the wild onesI am in awe of other’s people’s creativity, especially those whose imaginative powers are matched to incredible skill. I’m especially awed by visual artists, perhaps because I have no particular talent at drawing myself. I drew a lot of cartoons as a child, but always found myself frustrated by my own efforts. I had much more control of my words than of my lines and shading. As a creator, I gravitated to narrative, but I held a place in my heart for the illustration. In a way, my entire journey as a writer began with illustrations.

Back when I was a reluctant reader (which I’ve written about before), I was very fortunate to live in a house filled with books. Although I had no particular desire to read them, I would pull them off of the shelf and stare at the covers, stare at the illustrations, and make…

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