The Top Ten Books “On Hold” Books in My Classroom Library by Katie Sluiter

Want to know what 8th grade readers can’t get enough of?

Nerdy Book Club

This past school year, I was moved from teaching eleventh and twelfth grade English–a gig I’d had for over a decade–to teaching eighth grade ELA. It was a bit of a culture shock for me, to say the least. I wasn’t prepared for EVERYTHING TO BE A BIG DEAL to this age group. Everything except my lessons, that is. And reading. They claimed to not be interested in reading at all.

After doing workshops and conferences with both Penny Kittle and Donalyn Miller in the summer, this was also the school year that I decided to implement a Reader’s Workshop in my classroom. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Coincidently, all those students who claimed to not care about reading, found books they loved and could recommend to each other throughout the school year. In fact, several books were constantly “on hold”–never to be just “available” ever. Below you…

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