“If You Make Her a Dude, We’ll Up Your Budget”: Emily Blunt Explains How Sexism Almost Changed Sicario

We Minored in Film

One of the frustrating things about watching late night talk shows is that sometimes right as the guest is getting to the good part of the story and steering things in a potentially interesting direction the host will switch the topic to something vapid.  But, wait, what were they about to say?

Stephen Colbert, a host I love and adore, had one such moment on The Late Show tonight when he interviewed Emily Blunt for her new movie Sicario in which she plays a by-the-book FBI agent who gets sucked into a battle between the American government and Mexican drug kingpins.  Several minutes into the interview, Colbert observed, “I heard that this film almost didn’t get made because it had a female lead in the action position,” and Blunt confirmed, “The writer was approached by one financier who said, ‘If you make her a dude, we’ll up your budget.'”  The…

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