1fe15c9I’ve checked in for my flight to Vermont tomorrow and so begins my third residency as a faculty member at Vermont College of Fine Arts. The last two residencies, my flights were delayed, and I arrived later than other faculty. This time, I’m going a day early just in case, and because I actually like residency. If there’s a day to explore Montpelier, then all the better…even though it will take waaaay less than that to explore the town.

I’m practically giddy with anticipation: I’m made notes on the workshop packet, practiced my reading, and have a lecture Powerpoint with 103 slides (the lecture might need trimming, since it runs 93 minutes). All of this preparation is to make more time for what I’ve come to love most about VCFA–being immersed in writing for children and young adults with the brightest minds in the field. By brightest minds, I mean the students, who are phenomenal writers and the (very near) future of our field. They don’t call VCFA Brigadoon for nothing.

If you’re considering applying for a low res program and are still on the fence, do it. Apply. It might enrich and change your life. It has mine.