Stories come from daydreams. Some of my best daydreaming comes when I’m working with my hands and not my mind, a trick of manual labor I learned while painting houses as a kid. My painting days are through, but a few months, I  took up another craft, one involving leather and very sharp things.


My daughter’s boyfriend needed a wallet, and I needed some time to think, so today, I made him one. I had some strips of Chromexcel horsehide on hand, a beautiful, durable leather with an amazing smell, as well as some chestnut bridle vegtan from a making some gifts recently. The two work really well together. The contrasting shades of brwon are striking, and the vegtan adds stability to the soft Chromexcel. For stitching, I chose .06 dark yellow Tiger thread. The edges are dyed and finished with beeswax and paraffin, then buffed with canvas.


Here’s a slideshow of the process: