The first time I took flight
Superman had just single bounded
Black and white across the screen of
A tiny TV topped with rabbit ears so
Tying a towel around my neck, I
Ran across the living room
Winding swishing the cape behind,
Leapt into the air and
Hung there
Suspended mid-air for an eon before
Landing on the mattress
Bouncing and laughing.The next time I flew was
Third grade, recess, swingset, legs
Kicking me so high, the chain
Bucked and popped, my laughter
Caught in the wind when the bell
Rang and I let go at the summit of
The swing and
Hung there
Suspended in apogee
Long past the echo of the bell.

Never again have I flown so well, though
Many attempts were made.
Jumping from high concrete walls.
Zip lining through forests.
Hang gliding from mountain sides
Seat squeezing on transatlantic flights.
Never again have I readily released
The chains of millstone milestones and
Hung there
Suspended in mid-life for only a blink
Wondering what part of this worn-down body
Would tear or bend or wrench
In service of
The endless yearning to fly.