NPR is running it’s summer reader poll, and this time, it’s about the scariest books you’ve read. I’m nominating DARKDEEP, a new series by Ally Condie and Brendan Reichs. UNCANNY has received nominations, too, I’m told. [Not that I’m hinting or anything. 🙂 ]

So what scares you? Besides clowns, I mean, because everyone is scared of clowns. Use the form on this page to vote for your five favorite horror novels or stories. Based on what you tell us, our expert panel of horror lovers (Tananrive Due, Stephen Graham Jones, Grady Hendrix and Ruthanna Emrys — more on them soon!) will curate a final list of 100 titles guaranteed to keep your spine chilled and your teeth rattling no matter how hot this summer gets.

Source: It’s Aliiiiiive! And This Year, Our Summer Reader Poll Is All About Horror : NPR