8 09, 2016

8-Minute Memoir Day 10

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Today’s prompt from Ann Dee Ellis’s 8-Minute Memoir: “Messes.Big messes. Small messes. Emotional messes. Physical messes. Spiritual messes. Relationship messes. Scheduling messes. Take your messy pick. 8 minutes. Let it be messy.” Day 10: Messes This is about the biggest mess of a dog I ever had. A big, goofy, Brillo-Pad-looking, hot mess of a dog. My father brought him

7 09, 2016

8-Minute Memoir: Day 9

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Today’s 8-Minute Memoir prompt from Ann Dee Ellis: “Write about being 8 years old. Do you remember? Where did you live? Who were your friends? What did you do? What were you siblings like? What did your mom do? What did your dad say? What did you hope for? What were you scared of?” Day 9: Eight Years Old While wiping

3 09, 2016

8-Minute Memoir: The Real Day 8

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The prompt for today's 8-Minute Memoir via Ann Dee Ellis: "Day 8: Birthdays. 8 minutes. So easy." It was so not easy. The real Day 8: Birthdays My writing advisees often get a sticky note with with words “Don’t duck” written on them. In this case, I ducked. Not in the writing of the piece but in my decision not

2 09, 2016

8-Minute Memoir: Day 8

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The prompt for today's 8-Minute Memoir via Ann Dee Ellis: "Day 8: Birthdays. 8 minutes. So easy." Day 8: Birthdays For my 16th birthday, I got a subscription to sports illustrated. Before the Internet, it was the magazine for sports information. Big glossy photos, stories about the biggest stars and also the up-and-coming young players The three television networks had

1 09, 2016

8-Minute Memoir Day 7

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Directions for today's Ann Dee Ellis' 8-Minute Memoir: "Write about something you need to finish. Or many things you need to finish. What's holding you back? What do you do instead? Or perhaps write about something you did finish and you're proud of it. Or maybe something you'll never finish and you feel fine with that. 8 minutes. No stopping. Whatever

29 08, 2016

8-Minute Memoir: Day 6

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This is Day 6 of Ann Dee Ellis's 8-Minute Memoir. Here's today's prompt: Day 6: Games. Board games. Card games. Basketball games. Dating games. Night games. Mind games. Pick a game and write about it for 8 minutes. No editing. No second guessing. Just writing. Everyone is invited. Start on Day 1 or start on Day 6. Day 6: Night Swimming

26 08, 2016

8-Minute Memoir: Day 5

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The topic of Day 5 of Ann Dee Ellis's 8-Minute Memoir is "Write about something little that means a lot." Day 5: To infinity and Beyond Somewhere where I can’t lay hands on it is a little thing my son made when he was six years old and in first grade. It is a drawing of Buzz Lightyear that he did

25 08, 2016

8-Minute Memoir: Day 4

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Today's 8-Minute Memoir writing prompt, via Ann Dee Ellis, is adventure, which immediately brought to mind my exchange trips to Japan. I went three different times, but the biggest adventure was the first trip in 2003, when we seemed to used every form of transportation known to humanity to get to and around Japan. Walking, running, trains, trams, subways, buses,

22 08, 2016

8-Minute Memoir Day 3

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This is the third post from the 8-Minute Memoir Challenge from Ann Dee Ellis. Today’s prompt is “billboards.” For some reason, it came out in second person. Day 3: Billboards A billboard of the Coppertone girl in Hollywood Florida in the late 60s. It’s the first one you remember clearly, not because of the tan line on a little blonde

20 08, 2016

8-Minute Memoir Day 2

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I’m doing Ann Dee Ellis’s 8-Minute Memoir Challenge (read more about it here). This is a real challenge because I don’t write memoir or personal narrative. All of the posts are written in 8-10 minutes, and except for cleaning up a bit for typos and odd phrasing, they are unedited. Day 2 I don't remember the name of my first