A chilling stand-alone novel by the acclaimed David Macinnis Gill. This original and sinister spin on gothic tradition will appeal to fans of AsylumAmerican Horror Story: Coven, and The Walking Dead.

“Those who enjoy horror will appreciate…The plethora of curses, curse blocks, and other elements inspired by Scottish folklore will enthrall fans of the Supernatural, as will scenes in which Willow Jane manipulates time in order to achieve different outcomes.” (School Library Journal)

“Nonstop action…awaits with every turn of the page, making this a quick read. …Fans of Daniel Kraus’ Rotters and Scowler will dive into Uncanny and demand more.”  (New York Journal of Books)

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When a bolt of lightning causes a Boston-wide blackout on her sixteenth birthday, Willow Jane doesn’t think anything of it—until she begins stopping time, until she comes face-to-face with her menacing familiar, until her sister disappears.

But these aren’t the only strange and horrifying things to come out of the storm. An ancient witch named the Shadowless has awoken and escaped from her crypt, and she’s looking for revenge on Willow Jane’s family.

From the critically acclaimed author of Black Hole Sun and Soul Enchilada, this eerie horror story lingers long after its bloody end, and is perfect for fans of Madeleine Roux, The Ghost Files, and anyone who likes things that go bump in the night.


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