Overview: A combination of a one-on-one scene-structure coaching session and a critique of the first 100 pages of your manuscript, focusing on granular elements such as Scene Questions, Scene Goals, Desire Lines, Stakes, Conflict, Dilemmas, and Decisions. This session is for writers who have been told that they write quiet novels or that their books are too episodic. Our goal is to create scenes that are so compelling, your reader can’t wait to read them. Click Here for More.

COST: $1000

Targeted Audience

The scene structure one-on-one sessions are intended for:

  1. Writers who are still drafting and have compelling characters and/or an intriguing premise but haven’t figured out what their characters are supposed to do or what they want.
  2. Writers whose first-draft beta readers have told them that things “happen for no reason” or that the story is “too slow” and that they feel no connection to the characters.

For Writers Still Drafting and Writers Who Are Ready Revise

Before the one-on-one session:  I will send you a scene-structure spreadsheet that I call the Spreadsheet of Doom (some of my students have called it the Spreadsheet of Magic, but I’m not making any promises). Using the spreadsheet, you map out all of your scenes and find all the elements of a scene that is missing.

During the one-on-one session: in the first part of the session we go over Spreadsheet of Doom and talk about what’s missing from your scenes I ask you many follow-up questions, especially in terms of character development, desire lines, character belief, and character motivation. We talk about the importance of setting a Scene Question before the scene even begins and how to compel a reader to turn the pages.

After the one-on-one session: I will ask you to revise the Spreadsheet of Doom and submit it to me for notes. Then I will read the first 100 pages of your revised manuscript, giving you editorial line notes. I will also write an editorial letter of 2-4 pages describing plot elements, character development, and other elements of fiction.

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