Frost said
Good fences make
Good neighbors.
Do bad fences make
Bad neighbors?
Do we exist
Only if boundaries
Separate us?
Do no fences mean
No neighbors
At all?

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A Pale Heart

“Boy? Boy?” my cousin Floyd Lee screamed. “Boys play with toys. I’m Sammy. I play with your mammy.”

My little brother Coby swung with all his weight, which was considerable. Floyd Lee’s mouth clomped shut, and he fluttered backwards, landed on his butt. Coby didn’t say nothing, only jumped at Floyd Lee, but Floyd clawed himself up and took off. While I was laughing, Coby got after him like white on rice. They cut across the street from my aunt’s toward our house. Together, they jumped the ditch, and Coby–who’d never done it before–snared Floyd Lee in mid-flight and threw him to the ground.

Floyd Lee looked shocked, Coby, too because he just sat there on Floyd, his face red as a ember and his eyes charged-up like fire. Floyd Lee started hollering, “Mama, Mama, he’s got me.”

Imagine that. A twelve-year old calling his mama to save him from some fair-is-fair, up-and-up ass-whipping.

“Help, Mama, he’s got the devil in him. Help!” Continue reading

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We struck
a match
that lit
a wick

A flame
that we consumed
in a moment stolen
from forever

But now we
are just shadows dancing on
the cave wall
You and I

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We built a nest
From twigs I gathered
Built with mud and wattle
Shaded by your canopy
Protected by your strong limbs
That touched the sky.
Now your branches reach
Into the ground.
Your roots grow deep,
Too deep to move.
My wings ache
To catch the updrafts,
To feel the air lift my body
And the sun soak through me,
To see vistas stretch out
Once more.

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The first time I took flight
Superman had just single bounded
Black and white across the screen of
A tiny TV topped with rabbit ears so
Tying a towel around my neck, I
Ran across the living room
Winding swishing the cape behind,
Leapt into the air and
Hung there
Suspended mid-air for an eon before
Landing on the mattress
Bouncing and laughing. Continue reading

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